Changes to ACS - adding new appliances, elements and core changeovers

In October 2018, the ACS review panel updated Guidance Note 8 (GN8) to include a work experience requirement for all candidates wishing to extend the scope or range of their gas qualifications. This means that anyone wishing to add new elements to their existing qualifications must:

• have been Gas Safe Registered for at least 6 months
• have experience in the relevant work area under supervision of a qualified gas engineer
• undertake a specified amount of training at a training centre

This change will affect candidates wishing to do a changeover course (e.g. domestic to commercial, natural gas to LPG etc.) and candidates wishing to add a new appliance to their existing core (e.g. fires to domestic core). It does not affect those renewing existing or expired ACS qualifications.

We will be happy to advise you on your specific requirements.