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Commercial industrial

Commercial Package
6 days


Includes training
Next date: Monday 20th August.

Core commercial gas safety
3 days, £360

A limited scope version is available for pipe fitters (code: COCNPI1LS) for £216

Changeover core from domestic to commercial gas safety
3 days, £360

Includes training

Strength testing, tightness testing and purging natural gas systems up to 1m3
1½ days, £240

Includes training

Strength testing, tightness testing and purging systems above 1m3
4 - 5 days, £486

Next date: Monday 9th July
A special discount price of £402 is available for candidates who have already done TPCP1A with us and who wish to upgrade to TPCP1.

For more information on the TPCP1 course please click here

First fix commercial pipework
½ day, £162

Install commercial gas pipework up to 150 mm diameter

Limited scope version available for pipe fitters (code: ICPN1LS)

Overhead radiant tube and plaque heaters
½ day, £162

Indirect-fired heating appliances
½ day, £162

Flued air heaters (e.g. Combat and Reznor) and boilers above 70 kW

Direct-fired air heaters
1 day, free

Commercial flueless air heaters

We can only provide this assessment if taken with CORT1 and CIGA1

First fix commercial gas appliances (limited scope)
½ day, £162

Full scope ICAE1 assessment has been withdrawn. It is no longer necessary to renew ICAE1 if you are renewing CORT1, CIGA1 or CDGA1.

Commercial gas meter installation and exchange
½ day, £162

For meter sizes up to U40.

Commercial / industrial gas pipe sizing

0.25 to 1 day

Candidates may bring their own line diagrams to be used as case studies if notice is given in advance.

The pipe sizing course is divided into four optional elements:

1. Pipe sizing by hand 

How to use the pipe sizing charts in IGEM/UP/2 in a fully-developed pressure loss allocation method, together with some little-known tips and tricks for sizing natural gas systems up to 75 mbar operating pressure.

2. Pipe sizing using an app - new systems 

How to use the Pressure Drop Calculator (PDC) developed by RAD Training for sizing larger natural gas and LPG propane systems for all pressure ranges, pipe diameters and pipe materials. Includes a copy of the PDC.

3. Pipe sizing ex
tensions to a system £36

How to determine the feasibility of adding new extensions to existing systems, including whether existing pipes will need to be upsized.

4. Understanding gas flow in pipes 

For the curious: a deeper understanding the physics and mathematics of gas flow through pipes, including a discussion of the limitations of the pipe sizing charts and formulae which have been developed over the years.

All prices include VAT.
Pre-requisite entry requirements apply to ACS assessments.
Training is not compulsory for ACS gas courses.
All ACS assessment elements require a core assessment.

   Pipe sizing app for industrial steel pipe

   IV and PV calculation sheet