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Commercial Foundation Gas Course
5-Week course for novices to the gas industry £2694
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Next start date:
Monday 2nd November
Core Commercial Natural Gas Safety
Refresher training £102
Assessment £408
Next start date:
Monday 24th August
Changeover Domestic to Commercial Core
First-time training £204
Refresher training £102
Assessment £306
Next start dates:
First-time training - Monday 12th October
Reassessment - Monday 24th August
Tightness Testing and Purging to IGE/UP/1
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Training £306
Assessment £204
Next start date:
21st September
Tightness Testing and Purging to IGE/UP/1A
First-time training £204
Refresher training £51
Assessment £102
First Fix Pipework
First-time training £102
Refresher training £51
Assessment £51
Pipe Sizing
Commercial / industrial pipe sizing
Candidates may bring their own line diagrams to be used as case studies if notice is given in advance.

The pipe sizing course is one-to-one training divided into four optional elements:

Pipe sizing by hand £51

How to use the pipe sizing charts in IGEM/UP/2 in a fully-developed pressure loss allocation method, together with some little-known tips and tricks for sizing natural gas systems up to 75 mbar operating pressure.

Pipe sizing using an app - new systems £51

How to use the Pressure Drop Calculator (PDC) developed by RAD Training for sizing larger natural gas and LPG propane systems for all pressure ranges, pipe diameters and pipe materials. Includes a copy of the PDC.

Pipe sizing extensions to a system £51

How to determine the feasibility of adding new extensions to existing systems, including whether existing pipes will need to be upsized.

Understanding gas flow in pipes £51

For the curious: a deeper understanding the physics and mathematics of gas flow through pipes, including a discussion of the limitations of the pipe sizing charts and formulae which have been developed over the years.
Pipework ventilation

Understanding the gas pipework ventilation requirements of IGEM/UP/2, IGEM/UP/16, IGEM/SR/25 and DSEAR needed to achieve Zone 2 NE status.

Training £204
Indirect-fired Heaters
Assessment £51
Overhead radiant tubes and plaques
Assessment £51
Direct-fired heaters
Assessment £0 when taken with CIGA1 and CORT1
Meters up to 40 m3/h
First-time training £102
Initial assessment £76.50
Reassessment £51
Certificate fee
£60 per block of assessments

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