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A certification fee of £60 including VAT applies for each block of assessments taken. 

Commercial catering

Next dates: Tuesday 23rd April, Tuesday 27th August

CCCN1 Core commercial catering
Initial: £612
Reassessment: £510

CODC1 Changeover from domestic to catering
Initial: £510
Reassessment: £357


Kebab machines, boiling burners, open-top and solid-top ranges, boiling tables, stockpot stoves,
hotplates, warming plates, bains-maries, hot cupboards, combination ovens, forced convection ovens,
natural convection ovens, combined gas microwave ovens and ancillary equipment.


Deep fat and pressure fryers, brat pans, large flat bottom fryers, griddles,
over- and under-fired grills, simulated charcoal grills, salamander grills and ancillary equipment.

COMCAT1 + COMCAT3 + certification, £162

Note: COMCAT1 + COMCAT3 is equivalent to the COCATA1 assessment


All prices include VAT.
Pre-requisite entry requirements apply.
Training is not compulsory for ACS reassessments.